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Silent Detox Retreat in Nepal

On this six-day / six-night advanced yogic silent detox retreat in Nepal, mindfulness meets self-discovery as our guests purify their body and soul in the midst of pristine nature, far from distractions.  With a focus on inner cleansing through the power of silence in a tranquil sanctuary for ultimate detoxification, this retreat prioritizes holistic well-being. 

Private Room :   $539
Double Room :  $485


Package Details

Sadhana Yoga Retreat's newest six-day yoga detox retreat invites you to engage in a total body, mind, and spirit detoxification process.  Like its sister program, it includes full daily routines of guided yoga including postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), and extended sessions of meditation as well as fasting for a day and gastro-cleansing the next.  The retreat also combines full boarding with organic and Ayurvedic meals, except on days when guests are fasting.


We ask our guests to maintain silence throughout their detoxification retreat to encourage inner reflection as they take the time to recognize and release habits and emotions that come from talking.  Both beginners and advanced practitioners of meditation are welcome to dive into the beauty of meditation, hatha yoga, and silence while they undergo this transformative dextox programme.

Retreat guidelines

  • No intoxicants: Participants should not smoke or use any sort of intoxicants during the retreat.


  • No electronics: Participants should not use mobile phones or any other type of electronic gadgets during the silent retreat.


  • No talking: Participants will remain silent during the retreat.


  • Location: Accommodation will be at the Centre's new serene site in a forest setting where construction is nearing completion.

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