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Sadhana's Cookery Course

At the request of our various guests, Sadhana Yoga Retreat is offering this one-day cookery course in which guests can learn Nepalese dishes based on the principles of Ayurveda in a simple and healthy way. 


Package Details

At Sadhana, our kitchen staff take great care in preparing delicious, nutritious, and healthy meals with love that include ingredients such as brown rice, fresh and locally-sourced vegetables, greens, and fresh fruit like bananas, apples, oranges, mangos, pears, papaya etc.


A sample menu will likely feature muesli with curd or milk for breakfast along with fresh fruit, followed by a lunch that includes brown rice, fresh salad, pickles, a curry dish, and a dinner of chapati with protein-rich dishes such as vegetable Chow Mein or beans soup.

What you will learn

1.  Dal bhat, our national dish, is a very common healthy and nutritious brunch item throughout Nepal and constitutes a         unique combination of rice and lentil soup often served with sides of vegetable curry, pickles, and salad.


2.  Chapati and paratha, both perfect for scooping our succulent curries, beans soup, or dal, are two different traditional         unleavened Nepali flatbreads.


3.  Masala tea, a very common warm drink in Nepal that is rich in antioxidants and includes a hint of spices using a                unique preparation  technique.


4.  Beans soup, a colorful stew of various soaked or sprouted beans, peas, and pulses in a blend of Nepali spices that will         leave you feeling satiated.


5.  Many different kinds of Nepali pickles, which we ferment to enhance their taste and probiotic content and ultimately          help improve digestion.


6.  Potato salad, in which we showcase this humble but very versatile root vegetable in a mix of spices, herbs, and a sauce        that will delight any palate.


7.  Vegetable mo:mo, Nepal's glorious dumplings, contain a mixture of vegetables, herbs, and spices we serve with our              beautiful orange achar sauce.

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