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Yogic Cleansing and Stretching

For the beginner, this two-day / two-night retreat is an excellent opportunity to participate in Sadhana Yoga Retreat's highly effective Yogic Cleansing and Stretching Programme, which will aid in the restoration of harmony and balance to the Body, Mind and Spirit.  Ayurvedic massages are also available with this package for an additional fee.

Private Room :   $179
Double Room :  $143
Dormitory :  $107

Package Details

This highly effective yogic cleansing and stretching package is an excellent introduction to yoga and meditation as it begins with the fundamental technique of breathing.  The breathing aspect of yoga is just as important as the stretching, as it aids in our quest to focus the mind so that we are able to go deeper into the pose.


It is our belief that participating in just one day of yogic cleansing and stretching will aid in the restoration of harmony and balance to the body, mind and spirit, which in today’s modern society is a key aspect in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Those of you who are more advanced will be able to develop your skills further by pushing yourselves deeper through different styles of yogic poses and will feel the positive effects of group chanting and meditation during these sessions. 


       This package includes:

  • Accommodations (choose above between a private or double room or stay in our five-bed dormitory)

  • Centre's daily routine

  • All meals, filtered water, tea, snacks, and

  • Breakfast prior to your departure.

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