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Sadhana Yoga Retreat sign with its name and date of establishment painted on a rock slab

Our origins

In 1998, after a 10-year yogic and spiritual journey, Asanga started his own school of Hatha Yoga and Meditation.  As he explored various areas to locate a suitable setting for the school, Asanga felt great spiritual energy resounding from a beautiful hill just outside of Pokhara lakeside.  As a result, he decided to choose the site that now hosts all of Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre's non-silent programs as an ideal location for the school.

Pokhara, Nepal

Years later, amidst the serene beauty of Nepal's Himalayan region, Asanga discovered another magnificent oasis of tranquility nestled in the heart of pristine nature.  Given its positive and soulful attributes, Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre recently decided to unveil its newest retreat packages: Silent Yoga Retreat and Silent Detox Retreat.  Surrounded by gorgeous mountains and overlooking Fewa Lake, Nepal's second largest lake, this new haven offers yogis and seekers alike an unparalleled journey into silence, self-discovery, and rejuvenation with stunning panoramic views of majestic mountains and spacious gardens.


Hidden amongst the trees, birds will wake you up in the morning while the sun shines and eagles soar over the wonderful views in front of you at either retreat site.  The Sadhana Yoga family environment will also offer you delectable home-cooked food and endless cups of Sadhana’s delicious and organic herbal teas to help you feel purified.  As you Detox, Stretch, and Relax during one of Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre's daily routine, both of its exceptional settings will grant you the time and resources to Realize as you prepare your mind, body, and spirit for the challenges awaiting you.

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