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We designed our retreats to help revitalize your mind and body as well as elevate spiritual growth.


They incorporate yoga (Hatha and Bhakti), breath workouts (pranayama), yogic cleansing, and multiple forms of meditation. 


We offer a range of retreat packages, including daily yoga practice, silent retreats, and detoxification or cleansing programmes.


Sadhana Yoga Retreat's retreat packages suit all levels, from beginner to advanced practitioner, and vary from drop-in yoga classes to month-long intensive retreats.

Sadhana Yoga Retreat co-founder Asanga writing large Ohm symbol on the Centre's yoga platform at night using colored sand
Elderly female Sadhana Yoga Retreat guest performing tree pose while joining both hands with Nepali yoga instructor
Sadhana Yoga Retreat guest performing a yoga pose outside with both legs up in the air with a backdrop of Himalayan mountains
Group of Sadhana Yoga Retreat Canadian Guests performing prayer pose while enjoying their mud bath atop the Centre's building

Transformative Retreats

Sadhana Yoga offers a one-day cookery course during which our students, or any traveler, can learn Nepalese dishes based on Ayurveda principles.  We teach these dishes in a simple and healthy way such that by the end of the course, guests will easily be able to prepare a meal themselves.

Colorful blend of diced up vegetables in Sadhana Yoga Retreat kitchen's countertop during meal preparation time

Purify your entire digestive system and get rid of accumulated toxins with one of our four highly effective yogic cleansing packages, which our guests the world over have chosen to feel lighter and internally clean.

Female teacher at Sadhana Yoga Retreat leading guests during gastro-cleansing session

Our personalized retreats vary from drop-in (day to day) to week-long intensive and transformative programmes suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners.  Take your time and find a retreat package of your interest and we will welcome you with a warm heart.

Sadhana Yoga Retreat teacher leading two female guests as they perform a yoga pose on the Centre's yoga platform outside

Centered on the profound practice of silence, Sadhana Yoga's newest retreats offer transformative programmes in a peaceful and focused atmosphere that help you connect with nature while promoting your well-being. 

Sadhana Yoga Retreat Volunteer from Israel sitting in the retreat's infinity pool in the lotus pose with eyes closed

Whether you are looking to learn new skills, gain valuable experience, or simply give back to the world, our volunteer programs are a great way to do it all.  We welcome volunteers from all walks of life, so please don't hesitate to peruse our volunteer programs page to learn more.

Volunteers at Sadhana Yoga Retreat smiling for the camera as they enjoy their lunch around a wooden table in a rustic setting

What To Expect

Our retreat packages include carefully crafted daily routines along  with various services designed to help you detox, stretch, relax, and realize.

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