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The Founders

Who We Are

Amar Puri (Asanga) founder of Sadhana Yoga Retreat sitting in the lotus pose in a meditative state and his eyes closed

Asanga (Amar Puri)


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Asanga has traveled extensively throughout India following many spiritual masters.  For over 25 years, he has dedicated his life to the study of Hatha Yoga and Ayurvedic principles.  Asanga was a long time disciple of Dr. Yogi Vikashanand at the Ananda Yoga Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he specialized in Yogic cleansing, asanas, spiritual healing, naturopathy, and was the principal Yoga teacher.  He then went on to study Naturopathy and Yoga therapy with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines in Calcutta, India and gained a Bachelor Certificate.  Using his wealth of knowledge gleaned from decades of experience as well as his keen ability to relate to people from various cultures,  Asanga has designed various transformative retreats to help Sadhana's guests detox, stretch, relax, and realize.

Durga Basel


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Durga has been married to Asanga since 2002 and is now an integral part of Sadhana Yoga.  As Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre's head chef, Durga oversees yogic cleansing and the Centre's meal programmes given her strong interest in horticulture and cooking food from the family's organic garden.  Durga has a welcoming smile to all.  She is passionate about socializing with the various guests who visit Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre from around the world. On occasion, she even teaches the Centre's chanting or meditation classes.  Combined with Asanga's wealth of knowledge, her gift for teaching, great sense of humor, and dynamic personality, Durga has helped co-create today's memorable SADHANA YOGA EXPERIENCE.

Sadhana Yoga Retreat founder Durga Basel sitting in a music shop and making music with a flute with drums all around.
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