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Volunteer Program

Sadhana Yoga Retreat currently offers two volunteer retreat packages tailored to travelers looking to save money while still having a transformative experience.  In exchange for their time and energy, guests receive free or discounted accommodation, delicious vegetarian meals, and access to our world-class yoga and meditation facilities.  Guests will also have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded travelers and make a positive difference in the lives of the local community.


Both retreat packages last four days and volunteers may choose from the three different dates below every month as these align with their schedule. Guests in either of these programs are welcome to extend their stay subject to availability, needs of Sadhana Yoga Retreat, and mutually agreed upon volunteer activities.

     Session I    

5th to the 9th

of every month

     Session II    

15th to the 19th

of every month

     Session III    

25th to the 29th

of every month

With specific skills, dates and duration can be adjusted. 
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Sadhana Yoga Retreat volunteer from the U.S. smiling for the camera while cleaning dishes after lunch

Volunteer Activities

If you possess any of the specific skills below and are enthusiastic about making a lasting impact, please reach out to us.  The work you will perform together with your retreat activities will allow for a more immersive experience while you contribute significantly to our ongoing projects.


  • Establishing stone edges

  • Weed management

  • Creating vegetable beds and compost pits

  • Planting fruit and vegetables

  • Assisting with stone construction for walls and stairs

  • Engaging in stone sculpturing and artistic endeavors


  • Pruning and maintaining trees

  • Implementing creative bamboo projects to support the center

  • Trimming and caring for trees

  • Establishing compost pits

  • Gathering materials like weeds, leaves, and cow's manure

  • Managing ready-to-use compost


  • Tiling, building, painting, and design tasks

  • Plastering, plumbing, and electrical wiring projects

  • Cleaning residential buildings

  • Maintaining cleanliness in the yoga hall and front building

  • Ensuring the cleanliness of cottages and the kitchen

Green Design

  • Sharing innovative ideas

  • Enhancing the garden's overall appearance

  • Implementing permaculture principles for sustainability

  • Maximizing the production of fruit and vegetables

  • Enhancing the plunge pool and yoga platform areas

Retreat Center

  • Website and SEO

  • Garden activities

  • Kitchen support

  • Footage and media post

  • Online marketing

Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Assessment of student levels

  • Conducting yoga classes

  • Demonstrating Hatha and Bhakti yoga asanas

  • Leading pranayama, mantra, and meditation sessions

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