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Our Silent Retreat

Centered on the profound practice of silence, Sadhana Yoga's newest retreat offers a transformative programme in a peaceful and focused atmosphere that helps you connect with nature while promoting your well-being.  During this holistic retreat for your body and soul, you will have an opportunity to experience silent contemplation, yoga and meditation teachings with care and love, as well as opportunities to engage with your teacher in writing during counseling sessions.  This new retreat features a primitive, back-to-nature life, including firewood cooking to help you rediscover a simpler, invigorating, and more authentic way of living as we help you:

Sadhana Yoga Retreat guest from Australia Leonel cooking lunch using firewood in Sadhana Yoga Retreat's silent retreat site's kitchen


and revitalize your mind and body

Cleanse and rejuvenate your mind and body through Yoga, meditation as well as healthy, nutritious, and Ayurvedic vegetarian meals prepared in a loving family environment.


in a serene, warm, nurturing oasis

Unwind and invigorate yourself in the surrounding nature and partake in steam and mud baths to restore your body, mind, and spirit's harmony and balance.


 as you engage in traditional yoga

Improve your balance and flexibility with thoughtful asanas that increase blood flow, tone your muscles, and strengthen your joints, thereby contributing to your overall wellbeing.


as you elevate your spiritual growth

Focus and mentally prepare yourself for the challenges ahead after your uplifting and transformative stay at Sadhana Yoga Silent Retreat's loving, nurturing, and peaceful setting.

Experience an inner peace while at Sadhana Yoga

No Smoking

No Electronics

No Intoxicants

No Talking

What To Expect

Our retreat packages include carefully crafted daily routines along  with various services designed to help you detox, stretch, relax, and realize.

Our silent retreat takes place at the Centre's new serene site in a forest setting where construction is nearing completion and includes two options:

Sadhana Yoga Retreat female Volunteer sitting in the retreat's infinity pool in the lotus pose with eyes closed

   6 Days / 6 Nights   

The human body collects toxin from birth.  Excess toxins lead to sickness.  Our silent retreat combines silent yoga, meditation, short fasting, and full gastro-cleansing to flush out toxins, prevent disorders like gastritis, asthma, constipation, lethargy, indigestion, and appetite loss.  Feel lighter and cleaner with a healthy digestion post-cleanse.

Sadhana Yoga Retreat has been offering this transformative programme from the start.  Over a thousand guests from around the world have benefited from undergoing just six days of this retreat package.
  Participants have two options:

1.  Silent Detox Retreat: In this silent retreat package, our guests fast for a day and undergo gastro-cleansing the next.

2.  Silent Yoga Retreat: Guest who opt for this silent retreat package practice yoga and meditation without the option of fasting or gastro-cleansing.

Both of our silent retreat package options offer rejuvenation and inner peace.  Choose the journey that suits your needs.

Silent Yoga Retreat

6 Days / 6 Nights

From $539/-

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